06 Dec, 2023

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JB Restaurant: The Lost AirPods Saga

A recent incident happened at a seafood restaurant in JB Restaurant, Malaysia. A customer Losing some expensive important things. Got into a tough spot when he realize his AirPods stolen. JB Restaurant: The Search Process Because the customer thought that one of the restaurant workers might have taken his beloved earpiece, the owner of the […]

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Ikekara: Tokyo’s Instant Noodle & Fried Chicken Delight

In the middle of Tokyo’s busy Shinjuku neighborhood, food lovers will find a truly amazing new restaurant, Ikekara. A delicious new take on karaage, the traditional Japanese fried chicken, has caught the attention of both locals and tourists. This creative dish, called “Ikekara,” is made of fried chicken covered in instant ramen noodles. It promises […]