Ikekara: Tokyo’s Instant Noodle & Fried Chicken Delight
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Ikekara: Tokyo’s Instant Noodle & Fried Chicken Delight

In the middle of Tokyo’s busy Shinjuku neighborhood, food lovers will find a truly amazing new restaurant, Ikekara. A delicious new take on karaage, the traditional Japanese fried chicken, has caught the attention of both locals and tourists. This creative dish, called “Ikekara,” is made of fried chicken covered in instant ramen noodles. It promises a mix of textures and tastes that will make you want more right away.

The Story of Ikekara: Going Back to Ikeda and Chicken Ramen

Ikekara: Tokyo's Instant Noodle & Fried Chicken Delight

“Ikekara” comes from the name of a place in Osaka Prefecture called Ikeda, which has a deep historical link to the name. Ikeda became famous as the place where creator and businesswoman Momofuku Ando created Chicken Ramen, Japan’s first instant ramen. To honor this famous chef, Ikeda created “Ikekara,” a dish where uncooked Chicken Ramen is used as the breading for fried chicken. The popularity of this creative mix has now spread beyond Ikeda and into the busy streets of Tokyo.

The Ikekara Shop in Shinjuku Yokocho is a great place to eat.

Inside the busy Shinjuku Yokocho restaurant row building, the Ikekara shop is a culinary paradise for people looking for a one-of-a-kind dining experience. With choices for both eating in and taking out. The business can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. Visitors can pick between a standard serving, which comes in a pretty cup and costs 500 yen, or an extra-large “box” serving, which costs 1,500 yen.

The Taste Journey: The Many Layers of Flavor

As we look around Ikekara, we found a symphony of tastes that will stay with us forever. The outside, which has perfectly fried to a crisp, is what makes Chicken Ramen what it is. This tasty wrapping on the outside goes well with the juicy chicken breast inside the wrapped noodles. Unfortunately, our sophisticate taste buds told us that Ikekara is best enjoyed as a tasty snack. Its strong flavors and satisfying crunch make it a great food to enjoy with friends while sipping on a round of drinks.

There is instant happiness on every plate.

In conclusion, Ikekara is a culinary masterpiece that combines custom. Also innovation in a way that makes the food taste amazing. Whether you enjoy the experience in the cozy atmosphere of the Ikekara shop or choose the ease of takeout, every bite brings the promise of instant happiness. Enjoy this amazing dish at the Ikekara shop in Shinjuku Yokocho and start a tasty trip that honors the skill of coating fried chicken in instant ramen.

Information about the restaurant Ikekara (Shinjuku Yokocho Branch)

Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku 3-20-8 Topshouse Shinjuku Yokocho is where you can find it.

Open from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.